[Nasu Gaku Q&A 1] How large is the Nasu Imperial Villa?

As you all know, there is a “Nasu Imperial Villa” in Nasu.
People who visit Nasu for the first time always ask, “Where is Nasu Imperial Villa?” “Would you like to see Nasu Imperial Villa?”


Unfortunately, even at the Nasu Imperial Villa, the Nasu Imperial Villa cannot be seen from outside. Even the main residence on the edge of the large site is surrounded by forests and you cannot even see the shadow of the building. There is a Nasu Imperial Villa in such a large area that you will be stunned by the size of the area on the map. (Photo: Imperial Household Agency website)

Since the Showa era, the Majesties the Emperor and Empress have been visiting Nasu every year for recuperation, so I can’t see the building of the Nasu Imperial Villa, but the Nasu townspeople have the pleasure of seeing the royal family in the town. ..

If there are police officers standing unnaturally on the side of the road, ask, “What time are you at?” The royal family will be happy to tell you the transit time. There are many opportunities in Nasu to welcome the Majesties the Emperor and Empress. (I have moved to Nasu, and I have repeatedly seen and dropped off my Majesties the Emperor and Empress and the family of the Crown Prince.)

Welcome Empress Michiko to the Nasu Imperial Villa


The main residence of the Nasu Imperial Villa was built in 1926 (Taisho 15), but its site is wide and spreads from the bottom of the Nasu hot spring to the east side of Ikeda intersection on the Royal Road.

The site area of ​​the Nasu Imperial Villa is approximately 662 hectares (6,620,000 m2). The Tokyo Dome is about 4.67 hectares (46,700 m2), so the site of the Nasu Imperial Villa is Tokyo Dome…
Answer: About 141


Actually, the site of the Nasu Imperial Villa was 1,222 ha, which was twice the current site area before March 2008.
In response to the thought of His Majesty the Emperor, “While maintaining the rich nature of Nasu, let’s use it as a place where the people can come into direct contact with nature,” we took the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of Emperor Emperor’s office to the Nasu Imperial Villa. Approximately half, 560ha, has been transferred to the Ministry of the Environment.

Currently, a part of it is maintained as “Nasu Heisei no Mori”, and there are “Fureai no Mori” which is open to the public around the field center and a “learning forest” where guided tours are held. In addition, most of the large area on the site is being protected and surveyed as an area where natural environment monitoring surveys will continue.
by Dai