TosandouIouno [Anzukan] “Premium Yashiomas” is a product developed in Tochigi Prefecture!


In Nasu Town, the main roads of the country ran north and south with each era.
If you list the oldest ones with the names that everyone knows, they will be “Tozan-do”, “Oshu-kaido”, “Kamakura-kaido”, and “National Route 4”.

When moving to the countryside, unlike the city, the number of main streets is extremely small, and it is often the case that the streets are nicknamed in the old days. The flow of time and the transition of the times have become more familiar to people living in the countryside.

If you drive for 20 minutes from Nasu IC, you will find a roadside station called “Iouno” on the old Higashisendo, which is located at the southern end of Nasu.

If you want to have lunch, we recommend the soba restaurant “Mizukakan” at this roadside station. The method of turning a water wheel and grinding buckwheat flour with a mortar makes handmade soba noodles delicious, and it is a popular restaurant that can be lined up at noon.


In addition, at this “Tousandou Iouno Road Station”, there is a restaurant “Anzukan” using local ingredients next to the “Suikankan” soba restaurant where you can enjoy different meals.

The first thing I received on this day was “Premium Yashiomasu bowl”


“Premium Yashiomasu” is Yashiomasu developed by Tochigi Prefecture. It contains a lot of oleic acid with a low melting point in fat, suppresses the peculiarity of river fish and odorous components, and has an exquisite taste that does not make the fat sour. .. Once you eat it, you will be addicted to its tender meat quality, melting fat and straight taste without habit.

Also, the Nasu area has many cattle farms and is famous for producing delicious meat such as Nasu Wagyu and Tochigi Wagyu. This Anzukan also has a menu using Nasu Wagyu.
On this day, I received the “Nasu Wagyu Beef Strip Bowl”.
Compared to Tochigi Wagyu, it has less fat and Nasu Wagyu is especially preferred by elderly people and women.


If you come to the Nasu area, please visit Higashisendo Iohno, which is a little far from the center of sightseeing, and enjoy the local ingredients.

Roadside station Tousandou Iouno
459 Iono, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3436
Restaurant “Watermill” Tel. 0287-75-0654
Japanese restaurant “Anzukan” Tel. 0287-75-3030